Let the robots do the boring work

Automatically sync your tickets between Jira, Github, Trello, Asana, Gitlab and more.

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Are you chasing down tickets, issues and cards across multiple project management apps?

Management is using Jira to plan epics, your dev team is using Github to track tasks and your designers are organizing in Trello. It's a crazy mess that's impossible to keep track of! With Board Genius, you can save yourself hours of clerical headaches.

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Automatic Ticket Syncing

Sync across apps like Jira, Trello, Github, Asana and Gitlab. When a ticket is created in one project, Board Genius's sync bots will copy it to the other. When a ticket is updated, changes will be synced to both as well.

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Sync in one direction... or both!

Two-way syncing means each team can use the tool they're comfortable with. Or just use one-way syncing to keep an eye on the work in your tool of choice.

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Filter out the noise

Use keywords and labels to specify which tickets you want to sync. For example, you could sync all "design" tickets to Trello and "backend" tickets to Github. You can also use keywords and labels to exclude tickets from being synced.


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If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us.

Which issue tracking tools do you support?

We're working on new integrations constantly. We currently support Jira, Trello, Github, Asana, Gitlab and Monday. If there's a tool you'd like us to support, please email us!

What can one sync bot do?

One sync bot will sync tasks and comments between two projects. For example, if you want to sync form Jira Project A to Github Project B, this is one bot. If you also want to sync back, with those same 2 projects, from Github Project B to Jira Project A, that would use the same sync bot. So the total would still be one sync bot to sync both ways between two projects.

If you then wanted to sync from Jira Project A to Github Project C, this would be an additional sync bot.

Do you store ticket information like title and description that may contain sensitive or private data?

Ticket information is not stored in our database except for its ID which is typically a number (e.g. 12345) or a non-sensical string of text (e.g. ku8rs-isd82k-skaf2). Other ticket information like title and description is only temporarily accessed during syncing and is not stored in our system.